Wallis Warfield Simpson was TIME Magazine's Woman of the Year for 1936.
Simpson was the first ever TIME Magazine Woman of the Year, a good indication
of the global notoriety of the press coverage of her during the year.

Wallis Warfield in 1920 at age 24.

Photograph of Edward, Prince of Wales during his visit to Canada in 1919 at age 25.
This trip was one of several global tours that the Prince undertook during his tenure as Prince of Wales during the 20s and 30s. These globetrotting trips established him as essentially the world's first superstar, beloved by British Empire subjects on every continent. His active role in the World War I on the battle lines made him a beloved figure for Allied troops, further cementing his worldwide celebrity. This adoration and his modern royal ways has resulted in his being referred to as "the People's King." While he was king for only a few months, as Prince of Wales he transformed a staid British monarchy royal model from its hidden and non-open Victorian and Edwardian roots. In many ways he foreshadowed much of the fame and tradition-changing by Diana, Princess of Wales.


Queen Mary and King George V, Edward's mother and father.
The King and Queen driving through London to Buckingham Palace, January 7, 1929

Wallis Simpson's presentation at court.
Wallis Simpson's presentation at court to King George V and Queen Mary,
Edward's mother and father in 1931 [June 1931 as per Wallis' biography].

Associated Press Photo

On holiday, heading towards The Nahlin, the yacht chartered by Edward and used by him and Wallis Simpson during their love affair.
The Nahlin cruise along the Mediterranean marked the first press reports in world news organizations about Edward and Mrs. Simpson's affair. Throughout the months, hundreds of articles appeared around the world about Edward's affair with Mrs. Simpson, culminating with the abdication. Photo taken in Trogir Dalmatia, 8/24/36, just a few months before the abdication in December.

The Nahlin

Central Press Photos, Ltd

King Edward VIII and crowds
The King's Great Reception in South Wales, 11/18/36, a few weeks before his abdication of the throne.
King Edward followed by Sir Kingsley Wood, Minister for Health and Mr. Ernest Brown, Minister for Labour, at DYNAS,
one of the hardest hit spots in the Rhonnda Valley, where he received tremendous welcome from young and old.

Wallis Simpson in 1936.

Abdication Document of Edward VIII.
he Abdication speech delivered by Edward in December 1936 was written by his ally, Winston Churchill.

King Edward VIII, as he delivers his abdication speech, in December 1936.

King George VI and Queen Elizabeth
Following his brother's abdication, King George VI and his wife Queen Elizabeth,
(Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother), formerly Duke and Duchess of York ascended the throne in 1936.

Wallis with her long-time friends Katherine and Herman Rogers.
Wallis with her friends Katherine and Herman Rogers at their home
"Lou Vei" in the South of France where Wallis had fled from England in December 1936.

Photo Credit: Keystone. 1937.

The Duke of Windsor and Wallis Simpson photographed on the grounds of
the Chateau de Candé, where they would be married in a few days.

AP Wirephoto, Oct 6 1945

Queen Mary and Duke of Windsor
Home Again With Mother--The Duke of Windsor stands with his mother, dowager
Queen Mary, on the grounds of Marlborough House. It was the Duke's first
visit to England in nine years. He renounced the British throne in 1936.

Elsa Maxwell, a good friend to Wallis Simpson, with Marilyn Monroe.

The Duke and Duchess of Windsor, on the cover of LIFE, 1954.
The public's fascination with the couple's life continues...