"Highly original . . . Only a Kingdom is a gem!"
-- Rich Borowy, Accessibly Live, Off-Line

ONLY A KINGDOM Original Cast Records

Rob Lester, Talkin' Broadway

Peter Filichia, Theatremania

ONLY A KINGDOM- But More Than That

Peter Filichia, Theatremania

Throne for a Loop
Love is in the air with engaging Only a Kingdom

Linda LaRoche, Pasadena Weekly

Only a Kingdom

Mark Gaulding and Carla Tourin,
Duke and Duchess Society Issue 1 2006 Quarterly

Only a Kingdom is a new perspective on an old story

Robert Downey, Salem Times-Register

Only a Kingdom - Pick of the Week

Martin Hernández, LA Weekly

Only a Kingdom

Playbill Regional News

Kingdom's a Rough Cut Gem

Iris Fanger, Boston Herald

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