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Duke and Duchess of Windsor's Wedding Photos
June 3rd, 1937 | Chateau de Cande in France

Chateau de Cande

Wedding Day Details

The Ceremony: Less than six months after abdicating the throne, the former King Edward VIII stood by the woman he loved in the salon of the Chateau de Cande, which was lavishly decorated for the service with a sea of pink and white peonies gathered in vases as well as tiny American flags to make the Duchess feel at home. After pledging their devotion in a French civil ceremony, the newly betrothed and their guests converged in the music room for a formal religious blessing. The bride walked down the aisle to the tune of Dupree's "Wedding March" before professing her love yet again, at which time a band of Welsh gold, which would accompany an engagement ring composed of a rectangular-cut emerald on a platinum band, was placed upon her finger.

The Dress: Although a crown would never grace her head, Wallis Simpson looked regal on her wedding day in a hat adorned with pink and blue feathers by French milliner Caroline Reboux, renowned for inventing the cloche. The colors of her headdress harmonized with the striking hue of her bridal attire, which American-born haute couture designer Mainbocher dubbed "Wallis blue". The full-length gown and long-sleeved jacket was constructed of silk crepe fabric which, along with the tightly cinched, buttoned waist, emphasized the bride's svelte physique. A jeweled brooch pinned on the gown's high collar added a touch of glamour, while a dainty pair of gloves provided an aristocratic accent to the ensemble.


"Something old"-- Unbeknownst to those in attendance, the bride wore undergarments enhanced with antique lace.
"Something new"-- Tucked inside one of her blue suede Georgette of Paris shoes Wallis slipped a gold coronation coin emblazoned with the face of her husband.
"Something borrowed"-- A lace handkerchief from the bride's aunt was lent for the occasion.
"Something blue"-- The bride was dressed head to toe in the color.

The groom cut a dashing figure in a somber-hued morning jacket combined with a light grey colored vest, striped trousers and a striped tie.

The Reception: In 1998, a single slice from the couple's wedding cake, protected in a silk-lined cardboard box bearing the autographs of the bride and groom, would fetch $30,000 in a Sotheby's auction. The portion had been cut by Wallis herself from a six-tiered wedding cake which was sampled by guests after a meal consisting of lobster, chicken a la King, salad, and strawberries and cream.

The Honeymoon: After a whirlwind tour of Venice and Milan, the couple turned their sights on Austria, where the gallant groom carried his new bride across the threshold of Schloss Wasserleonburg, a fifteenth century castle reportedly inhabited by the restless spirit of the "Bluebeard Duchess". The fortress would hold the world at bay from the newlyweds for a period of three months.

Source: LoveTripper.com

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